Spray Tanning

THE GOLDEN HOUR GLOW – Offering a spray tan special!

Do you want that golden hour glow even when the sun isn’t out? For that beach bronzed look minus the harmful sun exposure, consider spray tanning.

Protect Your Skin

The sun is a great source of Vitamin D and can provide you with essential nutrients to keep your body healthy. However, too much sun can lead to skin damage and other more serious health issues. The sun’s harmful rays can cause burns, premature aging, and make your skin vulnerable to skin cancer.

Pros to Spray Tanning

Aside from being safer for your skin, spray tanning gives you a flawless finish, a subtle glow, and can cover up blemishes, varicose veins, and stretch marks. Often, spray tans are infused with vitamins and hydrating oils to leave your skin nourished. Cielo Spa’s spray tan is vitamin-enriched and is enhanced with aloe vera and green tea. But by far the best part of our spray tan is that it is heated… and goosebumps free!  The results? Natural and beautiful!

To try our heated spray tan, try a full-body airbrush for just $50.00 or commit to three sessions for $120.00 (you save 20%!).

We also love when clients throw a spray tan party! For groups of ten or more, we bring our “On-The-Go” services to your home at no extra charge. This is great for larger groups, like sororities or bridal parties.

Want a healthy glow all year round? Call us to book your next spray tanning appointment at (805) 687-8979.