Before summer even gets into full swing we are already thinking of what we can do to get that desirable summer glow! We have a couple of options out there and we definitely have to say that we like some processes more than others. Years ago, tanning beds dominated those searching for that golden glow, but now we prefer the alternative of spray tans! Here’s why…

Let’s talk about tanning beds:
Tanning beds have been known to provide a stunning tan, but is it worth the price? It is a common misconception that this is a healthier option to actual sun-exposure – FALSE. Tanning beds have been discovered to have some damaging effects on you and your skin. The harsh UV rays emitted from them have been linked to melanoma development, which means you are increasing the risk of getting skin cancer. Don’t worry, you can still achieve a gorgeous (and sunless) tan, with our new fave- spray tanning!

Why we love spray tans:
• A sunless + UV ray-free tan
• Smooth + even application all over
• Custom done + tailored to your preference
• Quick results!

Basically, we see a good spray tan as a win-win! We get that lusted after bronzed glow without the damaging effects of the sun or UV rays!

If you want to try out spray tanning now, give us a call or visit our website! Get your glow on the Cielo way!